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1 Kabu Gel´s Kit

Kabu gel is a natural formula, extracted from medicinal plants and natural resources. It slims and tones your body while hydrating the skin. Kabu Gel improves the overall appearance of cellulite and stretch marks and the skin’s elasticity is restored. It may be applied on arms, glutes, thighs and abdomen.

Kabu Gel should be applied in the morning after taking a bath and before going to bed. If exercising, apply Kabu Gel before doing so and replace either morning or evening application.

Kabu’s massager benefits:

The product has a deeper penetration when it is massage thoroughly. Helps breakthrough fat cells, this fat is released from the body through the lymphatic system.

When you massage, it increases the circulation of blood. The blood presents oxygen and nutrients that are required to burn fat and weight loss.


Chamomilla recutita flower extract, Fucus vesiculosus extract, equisetum arvense leaf extract, menthol, camphor,carbomer, triethanolamine sorbitol, caffeine, alcohol denat, sodium methylparaben and aqua.

10 oz Gel, Massager, Detox Plan and a Nutricional Guide.


Price: $69.99

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